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Christian Family Centre
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Where everyone is important!


Sunday Service


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Christian Family Centre

As our guest, our services are designed with you in mind - so you can engage with what's happening in a relaxed and respectful environment. Our service include inspiring worship, communication using biblical and relevant messages. We unashamedly point people to Jesus, the claims He made about Himself when He walked this earth over 2000 years ago and what His death and resurrection mean for our lives today. We are a safe, welcoming church for people who are not sure what they think about God, those who feel far away from Him right now or those who want to discover more about Jesus.

Where everyone is important!

The Bible is full of stories demonstrating God's love for people. Jesus showed His love for the marginalised through his teaching and taking the time to be with those that society rejected. Jesus offers hope to all humanity through His death and even there He gave hope individually to thief by his side.

To Jesus everyone is important and at the Christian Family Centre we endeavour to treat everyone with respect and show the same love that Jesus would.

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